Mother of All Funk Chords – Kutiman YouTube Remix

I know something is up when I get a link to the same artist from several completely different sources in one day. Earlier today fellow web-voyager, Linda, sent me a link with the subject line: “Interesting music videos.” Ah, understatement. I loaded the video off of the artists’ site and thought something was wrong ’cause it looked like YouTube but wasn’t. Than this afternoon said artist, Kutiman, was featured on CNET’s Buzz Out Loud podcast, after the crew saw this video posted in Jonathan Coulton’s blog. “What you are about to see,” says Kutiman on the ThruYou website, “is a mix of unrelated YouTube videos/clips edited together to create ThruYou. In other worlds – what you see is what you hear.

According to Coulton, Kutiman is an Israel musician who takes bits and pieces of unrelated musical instruction and amateur performance videos from YouTube and creates something really amazing. Here’s Kutiman explaining how he does it, followed by one of my favorites from his collection:

One of my favorites – Wait for Me:

Coulton concludes, “So amazing, so illegal. What are we going to do with you, future?” I agree, copyright is so broken and it’s up to us, those who create and those who enjoy these creative works, to leave the old models and make a new future where the Creatives are compensated and all of us can freely enjoy the works of their labor.

So, since posting this blog entry, Kutiman pulled his videos from YouTube. Damn. The videos are still available at his site:

Go there and enjoy. jbb