One of these Days is Finally Here Today!

I’m so happy that my friend, Neva, has finished her CD, One of these Days, and now my other friends can enjoy a little taste of what I’ve been enjoying from NevaMusic! I say a little taste because the CD’s six tracks are closer to being an EP than full length CD. I guess the adage, “Leave ’em wanting more,” definitely applies here. Whether you’ve seen Neva’s amazing solo-acoustic shows or caught her in a rare “band gig” the CD captures all of the energy, emotion and personality of this genuine, talented artist. Add to that all of the harmonies and powerful percussion that you may have been hearing in your own head during all of the solo gigs are there. As I’ve written before, I wasn’t living in Long Beach when Melissa Etheridge made her breakthrough playing locally, but every time I hear Neva’s songs I think I’m seeing the beginning of the same thing. I look forward hearing her next recordings and watch her popularity cut through the crap the labels and Reality TV tries to sell us. Neva is the real thing.

“Seven” by Neva from her “One of These Days” recording

Too Raw: “All along down this dusty road, tell me what difference do we make?!”