eHarmony: Not Fair

Not Fair-eHarmony Closed
Not Fair-eHarmony Closed
Yeah, I know, get over it. But there’s something really cruel about going to one’s e-Harmony account, find a few cuties in one’s “matches” folder only to see that said cuties have “closed” the match before you even get a chance to say, “Hello.” Argh. It’s no doubt a sign of my own shallowness that I’m irritated enough by being “rejected” by attractive women to write about it. Nah, it never feels good to get the “closed” message, but after getting and giving the “closed” message over a thousand times I can feel myself teetering toward giving up on the whole process. Just like everyone else, I want to be attracted to my potential mate, but these two examples really add insult to injury. Thanks, e-Harmony. I wonder how I might do on plentyoffish.com? jbb


  1. Richard Repp

    POF worked for me. It is all a numbers game, anyway. Just get as many dates as you can, weed out the psychos (the majority), and sooner or later you will get a hit.

    Oh, and make sure to tell them what they want to hear. Honesty can come later. 🙂


  2. joe.bustillos

    Totally agree, Richard. But I have to say that it’s mind-boggling to get a comment to my blog before I even get back to the office. Awesome. Now if I could get a positive response from non-psycho “matches.” You give me hope, bro. jbb


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