DIY Mac Netbooks?

While every mac-fan podcaster I know continues to pine away for Apple to introduce a low-cost small-sized notebook, commonly referred to as a netbook, I heard the most amazing podcast from Victor Cajiao, the Typical Mac User Podcast, where he loaded the Mac operating system on to an Asus Eee PC (one of the more popular netbook PCs) (Episode 155). Yeah, DIY Mac Netbook. Victor said that a friend got him up to speed, but that the details on how to do this can be found at the following link: “OSX86 on an Eee 1000H,” an article on the Eclipse Empire blog. Job’s said last Fall, after introducing the new “solid aluminum” Macbooks, that he couldn’t see anyone putting out a $500 laptop that wasn’t a piece of junk. We’ll see at next week’s Macworld Expo whether that comment ends up with the “no one wants to watch video on an iPod” comment Jobs made some time before introducing the 5th gen video-enabled iPod. But if Apple continues to ignore this part of the market then there might be a number of us who will probably choose to boot up copies of Mac OSX on our tiny little Asus netbooks. jbb