Launch of the Shuttle Endeavor Part 2 – Waiting for the Launch

Some folks watch a NASA documentary and fall asleep with five-seconds of the first acronym. My buddy Dan is one of those guys. We’d just started the Astronaut Hall of Fame tour and as much as he wanted to be there for the launch the first video we watched made him groan. I had no idea how we were going to do with the five-hour wait for the launch itself. Here’s my twitter rendition of the wait:

* Camped out @ Astronaut Hall of Fame waiting 4 Endeavor launch. Next time need lawn chairs. Picnic b4 launch 4:04 PM Nov 14th from Twinkle
* Shuttle video play-by-play on big screen stuttered, then they switched 2 tape. Hope my twittering didn’t tax the network 4:07 PM Nov 14th from Twinkle
* Next time, besides lawn chairs, need backpack full of food & drink, also need to bring my Nintendo DS. Or maybe a book. Nah,definitely my DS 4:14 PM Nov 14th from Twinkle

Here’s my video version of this part of the event: