November 4th, 2008

As much as I’ve wanted to, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and do any serious blogging. Thus, I’ve had to resort to recording my feelings on this important day via the 140 character repository of wisdom and subtlety known to most as Twitter… Here’s my feed from this amazing day:

  • happy voting day USA twitterverse 10:45 AM Nov 4th from TwitBin
  • @sarahlane sounds like a perfect way to spend election day. That’s my girl!!! 12:41 PM Nov 4th from TwitBin in reply to sarahlane: “Know why it’s good to be jobless? I’m going to sit in front of the TV watching crappy election coverage all damn day. DRINKING BEER. NAKED” 12:39 PM November 04, 2008 from web
  • watching election results on CNN (sound usually off) & live stream from election 08 w/ leo laporte, & upgrading mbp HD 8:52 PM Nov 4th from TwitBin
  • cnn projects obama victory w/ closing of the west coast voting 11:10 PM Nov 4th from TwitBin
  • don’t wanna go 2 sleep thinking obama won only 2 wake up like I did in 2000 & 2004 to see the hope stolen from me. Don’t want that… 11:17 PM Nov 4th from TwitBin
  • good concession speech, sen. mccain. time for a second beer… 11:38 PM Nov 4th from TwitBin
  • @drkiki we resemble that remark.”all the nuts roll south,” but even we can seize the moment to act beyond everyone’s expectations. Cheers! 12:23 AM Nov 5th from web in reply to drkiki: It had to be a great campaign to make Florida go blue.12:05 AM November 05, 2008 from Election 2008
  • This one’s for you, USA (see below), a percentage of u are gonna want something stronger 12:23 AM Nov 5th from Twinkle

(should I be concerned that this is my 2nd beer reference in as many blog entries?)

Cnet’s ran an excellent article titled: 10 election tweets worth remembering. I found #4 and #1 absolutely wonderful:

4. As voting lines reached record lengths around the country, CrunchGear blogger Peter Ha told everyone via Twitter to calm down: If you can wait three+ days to buy a damned iPhone then you can wait (in) line to vote, a**hats.

1. And our official “best election tweet” award goes to Twitter user JHix, who wrote about his voting experience: Officially just played the worst video game ever. You mark people with an “x” and then wait almost forever to find out who won.