Obama Saturday Morning & Beer Foggy Afternoon

Decided to get off my ass and do something about the world at large and volunteered to spend my Saturday helping the Obama campaign. In this case I went down to the local O office and then went out and knocked some doors. I was under the impression that I had twittered the whole time, but apparently some of those messages never got posted. Damn. Here are the tweets that made it onto the “Interwebs”:

  • Knocking on doors 4 Obama/get out 2 vote. CFU Student housing nightmare, apt. # don’t march forms. Working w/ apt. staff. Sitting in lobby 11:52 AM Nov 1st from Twinkle
  • @fasterkitty true, bad feelings from 2000. 2 bad parties can’t play fair after the election 2 deal w/ real problems vs. dirty tricks 12:04 PM Nov 1st from TwitterFon in reply to fasterkitty
  • @therealterry I can appreciate libertarians representing responsible gov’t/anti-gov’t interference. Doubt umbrella-party will cooperate 12:32 PM Nov 1st from TwitterFon in reply to therealterry

Alas, by 2 pm I was ready for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at my local Friendly Confines… mmmm, beer…. thoughts turned decidedly unpolitical. 😀 jbb

Love the great big dimples.