Home Rig for Grading SL Presentations


Geek moment, Full Sail students were doing presentations in Second Life and I thought that I’d take a picture of my rig. On the right is my macbook pro with my two chat clients running on the extreme right and Second Life running on the rest of the screen. The laptop is connected to my 32″ LCD TV running some software I use to write my notes as the students do their presentations (the software is called, appropriately enough, Notebook by Circus Ponies). On the left of the Notebook app is my Contact app, open to which ever student is doing their presentation, so that I can see their real smiling face and info while jotting my notes. Next to the TV, on the left is a third screen (19″ LCD), where I usually have a browser running to check notes/info while the sessions are running on the other screens. Yeah, major geek-out.