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Today I went to lunch with my dear friend Kathy and she asked me how the e-Harmony thing was going. The discussion prompted the following note: Remember me talking about there being hundreds of closed matches. Tonight I checked the numbers and it turns out that since beginning this little e-Harmony journey three years ago next January (with probably about four months off for confused behavior)) I have had 872 closed matches. That means since January 2006, counting the current 18 matches who are active, I’ve had 890 “matches.”

Not Fair-eHarmony Closed
Not Fair-eHarmony Closed
Kind’a stretches the meaning of “matches.” Wow, almost 900 times… that’s a lot of human potential pissed away. I imagine that I might be able to figure out how many times I pulled the trigger versus how many times my “match” did, but that’d probably just get depressing. Does make one wonder. The computers have been working at it for nearly three years and almost 900 times the humans have said, “you must be kidding…” And yet I still entertain a ray of hope that somewhere someone …

… and I will agree with the damn computers and get on with a life well lived. jbb

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  1. Danno

    What woman wouldn’t be crazy about a spicy guy like you?

    Don’t fret! The internet can’t completely grasp the concept of SEXY!



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