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Much to my co-workers’ chagrin, my blog has shown up on Full Sail’s website for a second time. Yay, me! Of course my blog isn’t mentioned until the final paragraph. As with the last time, it’s not available to non-Full Sail students or staff… that is, not available except here:

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Link Out: Full Sail Bloggers
by Ashley Belanger

Full Sail’s finest bloggers post on a variety of topics.

Full Sail University is unique in that it assembles a diverse group of individuals who share an extraordinary amount of industry knowledge and talent but also exhibit an equal amount of enthusiasm for outside interests. Exploring the blogosphere, you’ll notice that the diversity of topics covered in just a small sampling of Full Sail’s bloggers edifies the assertion that what the faculty has to offer goes well beyond the classroom.

For further reading on industry-related news, you’ll find a wealth of experience blogs, like Film Lab Instructor Constantin Preda’s “Alone in the TV Producer’s Bullpen” where he documents his personal work as well as offering advice to others. If music is your industry, look no further than Session Lab Specialist Paul Harlyn’s “Music Producer Blog” and for those looking to conquer the World Wide Web (and are proficient in Spanish!), check out Curriculum Development Director Luis Garcia’s bilingual blog “La Vox de Luis.”

As a media school, it’s no surprise that some of our bloggers choose to reimagine the concept of blogging, resulting in interesting sketch blogs like Graphic Design Course Director Oscar Cortez’s “DRA Studio” and “Paper the City.” Equally creative are the videos promoted by FSNet Content Producer RG Lacandola in his video blog “Viddler.” (LumberingThruLife ed.: Error, Lacandola’s blog is not the video website Viddler but dynamitekid.tx and he has videos on the Viddler website under the username dynamitekid ).

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Other faculty members choose to focus on surprising interests in their blogs. Like Advanced Design Tools & Interface Course Director Gus Hernandez whose blog “407 Fixed Gear” has become home to a community of Orlando cyclists who regularly use the blog to plan activities. There’s also Tammy Keenan, whose “Race for the Cure” page focuses on her efforts to help the breast cancer cause. EBMS Course Director Suzann Bain helps people to get in touch with their own sense of self awareness with her yoga blog “Deal Mantras.”

Of course, Full Sail also has its share of people who just blog about their lives. Sometimes, they choose a single aspect of their lives, like Web Product Manager Alicia Murray who has her own “mommy blog” called “Balancing Motherhood” with an inspiring recent post about why she watches the Emmy Awards show. DMA Studio Artist Desirai Labrada uses her blog “A Match Made in Halo” to discuss the complications that arise when two gamers fall in love.

Some choose to write their lives out in poetry, like the poignant and personal musings of Game Development Lab Instructor Angela Patane in her blog “Ruby in the Dust.” Others use their blog to pose questions to readers and to themselves like Web Design & Development Course Director Edward Almeida whose blog “Universal Law” seeks to be a “daily source for uplifting news, information and commentary.”

Then there are the super blogging forces like Media Asset Creation Course Director Joe Bustillos, whose self-named Web site encapsulates all of his varied interests in a rich array of different formats. At Bustillos’ Lumbering Thru Life, you’ll find featured videos, Flickr photos and a wide range of topics all used to comprise Bustillos’ significant online presence.

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-by Ashley Belanger