e-H Time


It’s time. Some might say that it’s long past time. I turned in the final grades for my first class here at Full Sail. I wrote a script for and then did an audio podcast/interview for another course director. Then checked into Second Life to monitor students coming in looking for assistance with the new class I’m the assistant course director: Corporate Training and Motivational Development. I’m really looking forward to the new experience and what the new students will come up with. While my avatar sat waiting in Second Life I decided to update my profile in e-Harmony.

I’ve been here for over three-months and it’s actually been over a year since I did anything with the e-Harmony account. Yeah, it’s time. I guess part of me was hoping that maybe something would “happen” socially given all of the great people I work with. Alas, like everywhere else in the world there’s a real taboo about dating co-workers. Damn. So it looks like I need to turn it over to the ol’ stand-by. I mean, I’ve been giving them my money for … probably about two-years, with two separate “campaigns” that lasted four to six months.

It was an incredible experience the first time that abruptly ended when I reconnected with you-know-who. The second time wasn’t so great, mostly because I wasn’t entirely sure that this was what I was supposed to be doing. Hopefully the third time will be the charm. I don’t have the blind conviction of the first time (that was fun, but didn’t end particularly well), nor the ambivalence of the second go ’round. It’s that saying about the insanity of doing the same thing everyday but expecting things to change. So beginning today, I’m taking another step toward that change that I’m looking for. Let’s see if we can’t take advantage of the previous experiences without getting confused about what’s “supposed to” happen. “Supposed to happen,” that’s funny. jbb

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