Sunday night football at mellow mushroom. There’s a presentation for the peace film festival down the street I was thinking of going to which starts in five-minutes. But I have over 1/3 of a beer left and I’d rather not rush it. Cute barmaid is on the stool side of the bar but she has three others basking her with attention. I don’t feel like being the weird stalker. I should have gone to the film festival last night when Kathy called about dinner. I was tired but I’m sure it would have been way more fun than putting away laundry and setting up the recently upgraded mac mini. It’s good to want to have a comfortable home, but if I ever intend to share this with someone I need to do a better job getting my ass out of the place. I can’t afford to let myself get fixated on all of the undone things to the exclusion putting in the effort to find others to share it with. Well, now that I’ve uploaded my course I should have some time to devote to ending my social exile. jbb

The Doobie Brothers - Best of the Doobies - Long Train Runnin' Music: “Long Train runnin’ by The Doobie Brothers from their “Greatest Hits” CD


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