MS Exchange Woes

Before I go too much further, I should explain that whatever I write in this blog does not represent anyone else except myself, you know like those disclaimers on DVDs that media companies use to protect them from the stupid things the actors are likely to say on the commentary track (e.g., nothing said here represents Full Sail University, its staff, students or affiliates). There, that’s my disclaimer.

Now for the reason I started this particular entry… I finished the welcome letter earlier today but got frustrated because I couldn’t send them out the way that I wanted to because my exchange account, the one I’m supposed to use for all official correspondence, doesn’t work off-campus. Well, that’s not entirely correct. I can use the web-client, but I’ve been saving all of my incoming email to folders on my personal dot-mac account and that doesn’t work with the web-client. And I guess I have myself to blame because if I had finished the letter before leaving on Friday than there would have been no issue. I just don’t understand why we can’t either (1) access our exchange email off campus or (2) can’t set up the exchange account to forward the email directly from the server (which is how I get my email from my gmail and yahoo accounts without having to check those accounts directly). I guess I just don’t see what the problem is. I know several companies big and very small who host their own mail and seem to allow their employees to access their accounts from any net connection. That’s my bitch for the night… now, back to work. I have a big day tomorrow. First day of my first class… jbb

p.s. Something else, I’m having to adjust to the fact that people I work with actually read my blog… that’s an entirely new experience for me. Hi Gustavo, Linda, Laura. Hope you guys had a gr8 weekend! jbb

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  1. Latricia Donahue Dulaney

    Amen! I hear ya! Will someone “they” will listen to please tell “them” that it is not quite the right solution?!!!! AAAGGG!!!!

    Latricia Donahue Dulaney


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