A Month of Rainy Afternoons

I recently had my one month anniversary of my move to Florida. First thing that I learned was that it rains every afternoon/evening at this time of year. Being from Southern California I feel like I need to explain what I mean by the phrase “it rains every afternoon/evening.” Let’s just say that one single afternoon/evening of rain here in Orlando equals the rainfall for a whole year in So Cal. Holly asked the other day how I’m adjusting. I guess because the rain is so regular that I just figured to go with it. I mean, Orlando in July equals rain every afternoon, just like living in some place like Corona (CA) equals a one-hour 10-mile commute home if you leave the office after 4pm. You either go with it, or figure out a way around it. Besides, there was a time when being in the rain used to mean “indoor fun” for me, but those stories belong in a different section of this blog.

So, after a month of rainy afternoons I’m still adjusting to the concept of living in more than one room and still moving the furniture about. But then I never quit moving the furniture after living 13-year in my one-room studio in Long Beach, so …

I shouldn’t be too surprised that my mind is so easily occupied with books and bookshelves and the like. Fortunately my friends from work have been there to pull me away from my preoccupation with interior design and I’ve probably seen more movies in the last month than I saw in the year before moving here. Add to that, unlike the last few years in So Cal, I’ve seen far more movies with my friends than solo. That’s a good sign and a good start.

07-06 Chicago in O-TownBesides movies I’ve found a couple pubs where I feel very much at home. That’s another good start. But as I knew in my former favorite place (Taco Beach), it’s great to have a special place to go to throw back a few but I need to have deeper, more meaningful connections than I’m likely to find occasionally warming a stool at a bar. So, that’s the challenge in the coming months, to not let the furniture or TV lull me into a busy, but unfulfilling routine. Onward and upward. I’m not gonna let a little rain keep me indoors (well, not alone at least…). jbb

Music: Michelle Branch – Hotel Paper