The Hidden Cost of Two Rooms

mouseguy I’ve lived in studio apartments most of my adult life. And except for one girlfriend who equated such a small place with a “low earning potential,” my studios have served me well. I was very comfortable living in such a utilitarian manner. I’m sure there was some part of this that was a nostalgic throw-back to my college dorm room days. Yeah, I have good memory of my little apartments, but when it came to beginning a new life here in Orlando, nostalgia be damned. I decided that I needed something more professorial and less under-grad.

Picture 3 But after living almost 20-years in one room accommodations I quickly realized that if I had any hope at adjusting to this new environment, then I would need to have a second TV in the bedroom. Damn. I didn’t see that one coming. So, last week, after getting a great security refund check from my last apartment, I wandered down to my local Costco and came home with a 32″ Vizio LCD HD-TV to put in the bedroom (the 2nd Vizio I’ve purchased since moving to Orlando). And besides bedroom TV duty the Vizio also acts as a gigantic second monitor attached to my MacBook Pro when I work at home. I think I could get used to this. jbb

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