Friendfeed to Replace Twitter?

On today’s “WebbAlert” podcast Morgan Webb questioned whether the micro-blog service, Twitter, is about to become this year’s Friendster. Quoting Tech Crunch and Read-Write-Web, Webb noted the exodus from Twitter to rival micro-blog service, Friendfeed. I haven’t used Friendfeed, but issues with Twitter running slowly or just being down have been so bad that I’ve pulled my twitter-feed from the front page of my website because it was causing load-times to be “hellaciously” slow. Alas, I have accounts with Jaiku and Pownce but haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe that they’ll replace Twitter. Maybe Friendfeed will. Excuse me while I sign up for Friendfeed. jbb

Music/Podcast: WebbAlert – June 30, 2008 from the album “WebbAlert” by MorganWebb

p.s., my new friendfeed handle is jbb

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