2006-09-20 Long Beach Pike Panorama

Bye Bye Long Beach, Bye Bye So Cal…

Friends for the past few weeks have been asking me how I’m doing. And my usual response has been that I’m keeping everything on as even a keel as possible because with as much as I need to do with as little time as I have to do it, I can’t afford to fall apart and curl up with a gallon of ice cream. So I’ve tried to emphasize the positive and enjoy the moments with my friends and just keep moving on. Unfortunately I am a great deal more emotional than all of this and as things are coming together I can feel the emotions well up at the edges of my consciousness. I’m not quite there to be able to let it go. I know it’s going to hit me like a ton of bricks some time over the next few month. Anyway, I don’t want my “very well adjusted” facade to make you think that I don’t care or that I can throw off the last thirteen years of my living here in Long Beach like it’s nothing. I very much want my friends and family to know how much I am going to miss you and how much a part of my life you will always be. No matter where I am, I carry you with me. jbb

Jonathan Coulton - Thing a Week Three - When You Go Music: When You Go from the album “Thing a Week Three” by Jonathan Coulton