MacMini RAM Upgrade

newram When I went to visit mom during Spring Break one of the main assignments was to set up her macmini so that I could do remote diagnostics whenever she runs into problems. The Leopard upgrade went great but I think her computer’s 512MB RAM wasn’t enough memory to allow remote access. Damn. So I was going to have to crack open her system. While researching the project I decided that I’d do the upgrade first on my own macmini. Turned out that it was easier getting RAM for my newer Intel-based MacMini, so that was the first hurdle. I found a great tutorial video from OtherWorld Computing and just followed along.

I’ve been futzing with the guts of my computers since my first Kaypro in 1984, but this had to be the first really “closed” system I’ve had to literally crack open. All I have to say is that with this level of asthetic engineering that went into that box Apple should be selling a version with a clear case. Every square millimeter so perfectly fit together. It was really a work of engineering beauty. If it weren’t for the fact that I needed to pack the beastie for a cross-country journey, I would be tempted to leave the top off.

Of course, ’cause I didn’t properly “seat” one of the 1GB RAM sticks I got a chance to admire the design a second time as I cracked it open again to fix the problem. Ack. That done and tested I boxed it all up in the original lunch-box-sized packaging. Purty. jbb

Here’s a very pretty video on how to install RAM in a MacMini by MrBit10:

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