I’m a TWiT – Now Live Video-Streaming 25-Hours a Week

This past week Leo Laporte went “live” with a proposed 25-hours a week of live Internet streaming video of the goings-on at the Twit “studios” located in Petaluma, California, just over 35-miles north of San Francisco. Laporte says that he wants to claim the Internet video space somewhere between life-cast shows like the one produced by Chris Pirillo and highly produced shows like the ones on Revision3 such as Tekzilla by Patrick Norton and Veronica Belmont and Pop Siren hosted by Sarah Lane and Jessica Corbin. On a recent TWIT roundtable podcast Norton and John C. Dvorak were impressed with the audacity of Laporte’s belief that he can fill 25-hours of on-air content and have it not degenerate into an endless monologue (a la Pirillo’s single camera always-on “show”). When Norton wondered if Laporte’s plan wasn’t going to negatively effect his energy for his Saturday and Sunday 3-hour radio shows, Laporte’s resolve seemed a bit shaken.

Several weeks before, after one of his weekend radio shows Laporte was speaking to his assistant and his chat-room audience and he criticized Revision3 for not going far enough in their shows and for just duplicating the TV-esque formula that they had all worked on when they all worked together at Tech-TV.

Check out my next article when I’ll share more on why Laporte thinks Revision3 is blowing it and his plan to be the Internet (TWIT) King. jbb

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