2008-05-02 neva at tacobeach-27

neva rocks taco beach! *video*

I wasn’t living in Long Beach when Melissa Etheridge made her breakthrough playing locally at a club called Que Sera on 7th Street (funny that her wikipedia article doesn’t mention Que Sera), but every time I come out and watch Neva I think I’m seeing the beginning of the same thing. I’ve been posting pictures from previous Neva shows for some time, but obviously that doesn’t begin to share the experience. So when she came to Taco Beach this past Friday I decided to shoot more video than stills. Now this is obviously not studio quality video and the audio is pretty damn funny with all of the noisy Taco Beach revelers shouting and singing and playing along on silly plastic maracas provided by Dos Equis thanks Dos Equis). Some might think that the audience is being rude. I’ve seen audiences in the OC sit on their hands like a bunch of dead mannequins during a Fabulous Thunderbirds show. Obviously folks at Taco Beach are all about the participation. The thing that kills me is that neva doesn’t resort to tricks, just an acoustic guitar and tremendous voice. This girl can rock! Go to her website. She should have a CD out soon. ‘love the girl. jbb



  1. Greg Thompson

    Thanks for this . . . have wondered for a long time what the sound was like . . . some day you’ll be able to say – “I remember when . . .”

    Great song choices btw!!!!

    – g


  2. joe.bustillos

    So I’m watching the last episode of season 3 of Battlestar Galactica, wondering when they’re going to resolve the mystery of the music that is driving some characters crazy [NOTE: SPOILER ALERT!]. But when one character kept saying, “there must be someway out’a here…” my interest was piqued and then was floored when all the pieces fell together. Amazing. love BSG. jbb


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