2008-04-18 It's Friday, So This Must Be Taco Beach - 12

It’s Friday, So This Must Be Taco Beach

2008-04-18 It's Friday, So This Must Be Taco Beach - 12
taco beach cutie by joe bustillos 2008

The end of a long week, needing to get the energy together to pack & toss things for the Florida move (and find a damn place)… so it makes perfect sense that I’d wander over to my favorite watering hole for a few beers, some live tunes, food and friends. Anyway, I’d noticed this very cute couple some time ago, at a Neva concert and took pictures of them because they seemed so cute together. Tonight I happened to sit next to them at the bar and we got a chance to chat and I got a chance to lose their email address. Damn. They wanted some of these pics and they gave me their email address. Somehow between then and the next morning the precious cocktail nap ran away…. ugh. I gave them a link to find these pics on Flickr. I can only hope that that cocktail did a better job making it to it’s destination. Life is funny that way. I’m gonna miss taco beach. Of course, if I have a girlfriend when I move to Florida I’m not going to really care… oops, did I “say” that out loud. No really, I love Taco Beach. I mean, based on the Taco Beach pix in my flickr account one would be justified in thinking that Taco Beach is the only place I ever go to. Damn, I hate being being predictable/boring. Time for another beer. L8r. jbb

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