OLPC Goes to Taco Beach

Taco Beach. I’m beginning to think that it might be easier to write on my iPhone than on the. OLPC. One problem is where to write my notes. It’d be good if I could find a simple place where I could copy my work in progress and then copy to whatever app I’m using on my Macbook Pro. Right now I’m writing this in Google Notebook but it’s a bit weird and there’s some latency . And if I pause too long between thoughts G-notebook thinks I’m writing a whole new note. More research is needed. Oh yeah, in this dark venue I was having a hard tme seeing the non-backlit keyboard keys (damn mbp spoiled me) and this damn keyboard is just too small for touch typing. Solution: I leaned the screen so that the light from screen can light up the little green keys (I also have a little goose-neck USB light that I’m going to experiment with later… as if I’m not already attracting enough attention).

I also figured out that, until I figure out how to upgrade my OLPC to run with WPA wireless I’ll create a WEP connection using my mbp connection. Small victory. One thing I noticed when I was in AZ was that mom’s cable-modem was a hell of a lot faster than my wimpy DSL. ack. Onward and upward.

Just signed up for 37Signals‘ “backpack” web app (I’m now writing this using the Backback app). I wonder if i’ll be able to use it on my iPhone. That’d be cool. But the dealkiller is whether I can use this behind my district’s firewall [fingers crossed]. I used Google’s notebook, but there was something that made me wonder if it would be that useable. I’m just glad to be using something that gives me more screen space than my iPhone.

aimee by joe bustillos
aimee by joe bustillos
So far I’ve gotten two comments about my weird little green OLPC. One dude had no idea what it was and said he was going to go right and get one. Then later beautiful Aimee asked me, “what’s that?” Then we talked about our shared lust for the MacBook Air. [drool]. Life is weird that way.

P.S. When I plugged in upon returning home, my OLPC did an automatic SP1 upgrade and now works with my WPA wireless connection. Yea!

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