An Unexpected Sunday Watching the Oscars w/ Friends

The lesson here, and believe me, I’m not one who tries to reduce everything that happens to a lesson… but the lesson here seems to be that when one opens oneself to a new world of possibilities some very unexpected things tend to happen. So Sunday morning I woke up and set about to finish the last few things that I needed to do before leaving for my trip to Florida. That done I wanted to catch a late breakfast at the Long Beach Cafe, in part because I didn’t want to go stir crazy having spent the 36-hours by myself trying to get everything done. Alas, the Long Beach Cafe was filled to the gills with the after church crowd and I wasn’t in the mood to wait so I walked back toward home and decided to do lunch at Taco Beach instead. Well, lunch disappeared into a long lazy afternoon and before I knew it it was evening. I didn’t anticipate spending my whole Sunday here drinking beer and talkin’ shit with the locals. The funniest thing was somehow I convinced the bartenders to turn up the volume on the Oscars and we ended up listening to the theme to “Enchanted” and offering our own opinions on who was going to win which awards. It was all very surreal. jbb

Taco Beach Twitters:

  • so, i didn’t anticipate spending my sunday in taco beach drinking beer & talkin’ shit w/ the locals. need to pack 4 florida [sly smile] #
  • i can’t believe, i’ve gotten the taco beach crew 2 turn up the volume on the academy awards & we’re listening 2 the “enchanted” theme. ha! #

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