First Week of February… getting the last 16 pages done…

mathhmwk • happy monday twitter-ville, still behind on my yearbook deadlines, worked hard over the weekend but didn’t turn any pages in. ack #
• How sad, got a post on my VIRB account and VIRB is so low on the radar that my district hasn’t blocked it yet. wow #
• i love teaching, but it takes all the energy out’a me and makes it hard to do the yearbook stuff in 60-second sessions #
• Happy Tues., after a day w/ the kids, i’m going 2 the dentist, then vote, then pretend 2 finish overdue yearbook pages. Talk about superTD #
• 7th grade class spead done, sending to vendor, 2 out of 5 “signatures” almost done #
• another day in the zoo we call education, what would yearbook class be w/o one girl crying & another AWOL #
• Happy Friday Twitter-ville, 7 pages of the yearbook left to do (of the original 40), then I get to plow thru the last 40. Yippee!! #
• passed out @ 1am, three pages of the original 40 to finish… Must… not… fail… #
• Finished overdue yearbook pages this AM. Yeah! Getting “proxy error” when I try 2 send the pages 2 Herff Jones. Argh! Frustrating. #
• Finally uploaded the 16-overdue-yearbook-pages @ my local border bookstore. Yeah. Now I need to dig into the remaining 40-pages due 3/17 #
• @girlgeek77 I know what you mean, finished 1st 40-pages and need to jump right in to pick up the slack because I was so yearbook focused ack #
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