The Last Week of Winter Break

  • post-SC Rose Bowl romp, 3rd movie in 3 days. “I am Legend” in 7 minutes. L8r IRL & online-Life #
  • having a hard time getting work done at home, lots to do between now and next monday when school restarts. ack #
  • got to get back to work, must stop watching the worldwide twitters on #
  • • installing bootcamp on the macmini & VMWare on the MB Pro. I love living dangerously w/ my data. BRB like a 2yrold windows needs my atte … #
    • Fell asleep w/ MBPro installing XP SP2 & macmini stalled out on XP reboot. Now both r humming away on MS updates. ❤ vmware ❤ mac … #

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Music: Toi Sakebi/Lain Closing Theme from the album “Serial Experiments: lain” by Chabo

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