“Enchanted” – Proto-Podcast Beta 1

i know the dangers of letting the media define “living” or worse than that, “love,” for me. The comparison is never fair. But having tasted the richness of what I thought was “perfect love,” I easily recognize it, even if it’s a cheap commercial duplicate, when I go to the movies, even in a silly Disney movie

This past weekend I went with the siblings, significant others and offspring to the Disney pic, Enchanted. Beowulf was my first choice but bloodshed and computer-generated nudity would probably have been a bit too much for my nieces to endure, so “Enchanted” it was. Cute flick, nothing unexpected or earth-shattering. Far less snarky than Shrek but it did manage to poke a little fun at itself, nonetheless. In fact the only reason for me to make a comment about the movie is that afterward my friend, Juls, felt the need to laugh at the idea, central to the movie, that there in nothing more powerful than true love’s kiss. While I would have to agree that life is not a fairy-tale and most of the time there isn’t someone there to catch you when you fall. But at the same time, having known the power of love I was sadden that she felt the need to be dismissive about the sentiment.

Life is not a fairy-tale and Juls has had one hell-of-a-year, but as the male lead in the movie, a divorce lawyer, needed to learn, we can’t let these difficulties and setbacks cause us to set aside our passions and connections with each other. Or maybe it’s like the one couple touched by the lost princess, it’s more a matter of remembering these passions and connections that we used to have. I know there was a time when Juls knew this. I know that it was something that changed my life.

Here’s a video I made some time ago celebrating loves power to change lives. Enjoy…. jbb

[2016-04-21] When moving my video files to a new YouTube Channel I realized that this video was a proto-video podcast that would eventually become JBB’s Final Thoughts many years in the future. jbb

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