Not a Great T-Day But Still Way Better Than Six Years Ago

Oh, that’s good. The first Long Island Ice Tea of the holiday. Yeow. Family festivities begin in an hour with sister Mich, but I swore to myself that I wouldn’t do without football this year. Last few years I’ve done T-Day with the Quinbys, who are not so much about TV and even less about Football. Alas, Taco Beach is closed so I’m at Shannon’s, which is next to TB, and if I don’t get an appetizer or something this LI is going to knock me out. I’m definitely going to be very mellow for the family part of the festivities. 😉

Okay, Shannon’s was offering some turkey fixings and that helped. Either way I’m already way ahead of T-Day six years ago when I spent it at a Denny’s, solo. That was a new low for moi. Of course spending today getting buzzed with my new friends here at Shannon’s and later with my sister’s family is still a bit short of my first choice. As Aragorn would have said, that it was just a dream, a good dream, but never more than a dream [sigh].

Yeah, I smile now when I think about how I invited myself to join you-know-who and her folks for their T-Day gathering, to which she sputtered a non-response. The intervening two weeks of silence from her was enough for me to figure out that I’d over-reached my welcome. She later said I was “welcome” to join her but that felt too much like that was definitely not her first choice. Ack. Not her fault, just a case of not being on the same page and a difference in how we cope with life’s troubles. My method seems to chase her away and hers leaves me feeling unloved. So I’m grabbing a buzz with my new friends at Shannon’s Pub and later hugs from my nieces at my sister’s place. As the blog title says, Life lumbers on. jbb
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