Perchance to Dream… Juls Recovering

St. Joseph Hospital – Day 2
If my plans for tonight come true she will sleep during my entire visit tonight. This is my first Thursday night with her in ages and nothing would please me more than for her to keep sleeping. Doesn’t sound particularly exciting but this is real life: to spend the evening silently sitting with one’s beloved while she recovers from surgery. Add to that, mom and dad were here when I arrived and after a bit decided to go home, trusting their precious daughter to my care. Wow. Life is funny.

Oh yeah, the ex-husband called to check on bringing the boys by tomorrow and exasperated both Juls and her mom because he has to make a simple kid-hand-off into a global military maneuver. Personally I think he’s just trying to weasel a way to control things and stick his unwelcomed presence into this hospital room. The “he’s trying my patience” look from Juls’ mom was priceless. :-p

2007-09-27 Flowers I wasn't allowed to give to Juls
2007-09-27 Flowers I wasn’t allowed to give to Juls