2007-09-26 SJ Hospital for juls day one - Lounge

Life Happens – Juls’ Surgery

St. Joseph Hospital Lobby
Sitting in the main waiting room/reception area at St. Joseph Hospital. If it weren’t impolite I’d have thrown off my shoes and curled on a couch for a much needed afternoon nap. Damn. Energy is low…must… not… fall … asleep… in front… of Juls’ folks. Yeah, nothing like meeting folks for the first time and then having an all day conversation with ’em.

What was it they say about first impressions? When I got to the hospital Juls was already in radiology so I had to introduce myself to her folks. It wasn’t too hard to figure out which group was hers, so I politely approached them extended my hand asking, “Mr. and Mrs. Hackney?” They nodded as I found a seat and explained who I was. Once I was comfortable Juls’ mom gently corrected me, “We know what you meant, but we’re not the Hackneys.” Ack, of course, Hackney is her ex-husband’s name. Doh! Great beginning to the day.

One unanticipated thing that has blown me away all day is the incredible similarity between Juls and her mom. I’d seen pictures of them before but completely missed it. I mean, the mannerisms and voice and social ability are remarkable. I know I hate it when I’m told how much I act, talk, look like my older sister, but watch her mom walk, the way she holds her hands in front of her was downright amazing.

2007-09-26 SJ Hospital for juls day one selfie
2007-09-26 SJ Hospital for juls day one selfie
Late night @ St. Joseph Hospital
Both doctors have come by, she’s in recovery following her surgery. They’ve dealt with the cancer but there will need to be further cosmetic surgery. The after-work crowd is coming through with a continuous stream of screaming babies and infants. One little girl was pulled out the door by her father screaming, “I want my mommy!” I’m wide awake now. I probably should call the folks to let ’em know how things went… jbb

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