Going Lap Topless

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Going Lap Topless, originally uploaded by boringcom.

I feel naked. Last Thursday my macbook pro started making really loud noises. The laptop had been on all day and was pretty hot to the touch but I wasn’t sure whether it was the hard drive or fans making all the noise. It was bad enough that I shut the computer down for the night (which I pretty much never do). Come Friday morning it wouldn’t wake from it’s slumber, so I powered it down, shoved it into my bag and brought it to work. It never did boot up that day. In fact at one point the grey unresponsive screen was replaced with a black command-line screen scrolling system messages about not being able to make a connection to a working network boot sector and hard disk “throttling.” Not a good sign.

A quick visit to an Apple Store on my way to Juls, I was unbelievably luck because the Apple Genius was able to get it to boot, but it was still pretty noisy. He recommended that I back everything up. So I bought another external hard drive and spent the weekend backing up the hard drive. Monday the macbook was playing “nice,” but my confidence in the computer had been broken fearing that it was going to refuse to boot again. So I dropped by the Apple Store again, and this time dropped off the little beastie for it to undergo a more thorough checkup. I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I’ve been without a laptop. I feel naked going about my daily routine lap topless. jbb