Trigger Finger

Ouch… it only hurts when I do this… I finally went to the docs for my clicking right thumb. Don’t know how it happened but my “snapping tendon” is now a trigger finger (er… thumb), mysteriously on my right hand, even though I’m left handed. Ack. Hopefully anti-inflams, daily soaks in Epsom salts and the brace will effect some healing so I won’t have to have cortisone shots or surgery. Ack.

In other health news, I went with Juls to her last conference with her doctor and he has a plan for further treatment. Her breast cancer treatment is still very much in the early stages and they’ll know what to do next once her genetic testing results come back. It was good getting the info first hand, but I quickly began to understand how sharing this information with others almost always invoked some well-meaning “Did she ask…. ” question or theory that clouds things up. I know that everyone wants to help or express empathy, but the “insights” or questions rarely do much except heighten the anxiety level. I don’t know. If I hadn’t sat there during her discussion and questions with her doctor I would probably make the same mistakes, but really when someone is relaying a story about these sorts of things, unless they’re specifically asking you for your opinion, just give them an understanding look, ask what you can do or pray for them about and leave it at that. Anything else actually makes things worse. I know that now. And yes, my doctor has covered the bases as far as helping me work toward healing ye’ ol’ trigger finger.. er.. thumb on my right hand… even though i’m left-handed. ack. jbb