Aimee circa 2007

2nd Annual WT Contest @ Taco Beach & Nevamusic

So what does it mean when the lovely bartender Aimee shouted, “I knew you’d be here,” when I showed up at my favorite watering hole on “girls go wet” night? Ack

Link to Flickr photos from Taco Beach fun:

Here’s my twitter summary:

  • “another Thursday night, must be time 4 taco beach & nevamusic. Oh yeah & some contest with t-shirts & h2o :-)” 08:48 PM July 26, 2007
  • “Almost home, moist from dancing w/ a contestant, bartenders pissed ’cause of the chaos, my fav had a meltdown after finishing #2. Weird nite” 01:25 AM July 27, 2007
Neva & iPhone teleprompter – image by Joe Bustillos

Weird moment of the night (okay, there was more than one, but this one was weird in a very geeky way) was when amazingly brave Neva couldn’t remember the lyrics to a audience-requested song. So a guy in the audience jumped up with his iPhone, looked up the lyrics and joined her on stage using his iPhone like a mini-teleprompter. It’s a crazy world we live in and the night kind’a went downhill from there… JBB