IHP Conference 2007: Day One

I was thinking on my way here about where I was at when I attended last year’s conference. I had left Pepperdine’s doctorate program the previous January and barely survived the teaching year. I’d gone to San Diego for a national tech conference. I was part of the worship team at the tiny Vineyard Long Beach. In fact, I think Jody had left and Ron was going to take a few weeks off, so for several Sundays I was it. Then J was about to go on vacation but there was no hint that I was going to be any part of that.

So now a year later I’m at a new church, I’m beginning to look into my role on the new church’s worship team, You-know-who and I broke up a month ago and I’m still looking for more solid direction in my life. What I love about this conference is that I find myself confronting the deeper call in my life. It would have been nice if I could have shared this journey with Juls….

The verse that prompted the idea behind the conference:
Psalm 16:11 In His presence is fullness of _______.

James: Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you.

Favorite song: “Nothing but the blood of Jesus…” JBB

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