Two Concert Tickets and No Date

guitarplayer So I’m in the unfortunate position of having tickets to a concert coming up this Thursday and having no date. Sigh. You’d think that I would have learned years ago to not buy tickets given the less than stable conditions of my former relationship. But then one has to buy the things months in advance so it’s a crap-shot and this time I’m holding the empty hand.

Ignoring my brother’s admonition against going out with someone that you meet either at church or at a bar, I discovered tonight that the cutie I was thinking of asking out has a mostly absent fireman boyfriend. Thank God I asked around and found this out from a mutual friend before embarrassing myself. It’s good having friends to confide in, regardless of how hard it was for me to reveal what I was thinking about to this friend. He was very cool about it. Yeah. Good to know that she already has a hunk fireman boyfriend. But somehow it still hurts to still be alone and not really have someone to go to a damn concert with. Dumb.

dapnon1 I know that I could probably ask one of my sisters or brother to go with me to the concert and that we’d have a great time. But then afterwards they go home and I go home and I’m still alone. I mean, if all I wanted to do was go to hear music I probably would have bought just one ticket and gone by myself, but for me the idea of doing these things is to share the experience and possibly create memories that help one establish a connection with another human being. Yeah, most people spending hundreds of bucks on Police concert tickets this summer probably don’t give a shit about “connection” or “shared experiences” and just wanted to hear good music. I guess I’m pretty weird that way. I know my former love went to her beloved Journey concerts for years and probably would have rather not had her “date” except that he was a convenient designated driver. But that’s not me. Damn. I hate this shit. JBB