iPhone Unbox! Pls Sign Me Up for a 12-Step Gadget Program

So, i previously told my brother and friends that I was going to wait for version 2 before succumbing to the infamous Steve Job’s Reality Distortion Field… Alas, I decided after the movie to swing by the store to see if there was still a crowd (stores were going to be open ’til midnight). When I got there the place was buzzing but there was no line outside. When I came in I was asked if I was there to buy or to browse. When I said “browse” I was told to go to the right side of the store, the left side being used for those buying to line up in. I roamed around, played with an iPhone that they had displayed in the front of the store. Then I roamed around some more… and lingered… and checked out some accessories… Then found myself having a hard time leaving without one. Damn.

At 10:33 I sent the following text message to friend: “I should’ve know ‘resistance is futile’ I watched happy iPhone owners @ 6, went 2 the movies, came back @ 10 & bought an 8Gb iPhone. Ack”

I think I need a “gadget 12-step” program. JBB

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