iPhone Premiere @ Costa Mesa AppleStore

Headed to a local AppleStore to “witness” the iPhone Premiere. The following are my Twitters & text messages from the event:

2:00pm – heading 2 the apple store in Costa Mesa 2 gawk @ the iPhone sycophants. i’m waiting 4 v2.. I think
4:30pm – very mellow line @ costa mesa applestore. We’ll see if it stays mellow once the doors open in another hour & a half
4:40pm – I think i’ll go back 2 my car & get the book i’m reading…
5:30pm – They covered the store windows in black at two and just now opened a rectangular section revealing a countdown clock
5:50pm – Loud shout coming from inside the closed store. Guess they’re getting revved 2 kick ass. black sheets coming down

I watched iPhone hopefuls being ushered into the store, to the sound of cheering by Apple staff and left after about 30 minutes to go to the movies (“Evan Almighty”… very cute movie). As i was leaving the mall, an Apple rep. was going down the line thanking the crowd for their patience and letting them know that they had a very good chance of getting their phone. Onward and upward. jbb

Images from the first iPhone line in Costa Mesa CA (2007)