First Two Weeks o’ Summer Break

Carlsbad Caverns National Park Sunset Daily life seems to take all the time one has and just keeps on presenting an unending stream of things to do. One thing I’ve always hated about Summer Break is going from this overwhelming rush of things needing to get done to a sudden a removal of the pressure of the past ten-months. It’s like going from being buried twenty leagues under under the sea to the empty vacuum of space. It’s more than a little disorienting. I pretty slept my way through my first weekend than started working all the neglected projects that have accumulated over the past ten-months.

Of course the first project I tackled was my usual comfort activity: tweaking the furniture arrangement in my tiny studio.

I have known for some time that this is a form of therapy for me because most of the time I can’t control a lot of what has gone on in my life, but I can control my living environment. Then it was pointed out to me a few months ago by my not-quite-significant-other that she felt that my drive to fix up my place was a sign that I was going to be in my place “for the long haul,” that I was nesting. I guess it somehow bothered her. I don’t know, I could say something mean like it’s not like anyone was making me feel like I was welcomed to visit them at their place (much less contemplate where I was going to lay my head down every night!). I was just making my place a little better.

05-16 Home Sweet Home/Office
So week one was about finishing the whole DVD collection improvement project I’d begun during winter break. Week two has been mostly about the web sites/blogs. I put in a few days working on the school web site (still very much unfinished) but spent most of the time updating lumbering thru life and jbb’s desktop and moving jacob’s ladder to WordPress.

I guess none of this sounds like much fun. it’s not like going to hawaii or doing something “more constructive.” But these are some of the things that I haven’t had the time to do during the school year. I have no vision of having hundreds of readers. That’s not why I went without sleep last night adding the last 50 entries to Jacob’s Ladder. I just love getting the thoughts out there and looking for something visual to add to the words. It’d be great to have a lot of readers (beyond the pissed off woman who deservedly called me an asshole a couple entries ago... sigh). I’d do it any way. Knowing that someone out there gives a shit is an added bonus. jbb