Worth Saving?

Sunday, waitin’ for service to begin (again). Relationship status: asi, asi. The “Patient” was brought back from the dead on Sunday, then suffered a relapse when we met Wednesday evening. Thursday I volunteered to contact a third-party professional to help determine whether and how we might keep the relationship alive. Still waiting to get a referral number. We said on Sunday that it was worth saving but ran head long into all the difficulties or issues by midweek. I had said on Sunday that if things were to continue than we would need outside help. Sure enough, we need that help. I used to say that I was hopefully optimistic that things would turn out well. That seems too passive to me now. We said it was worth saving. Now we need to do what we can do to save it. JBB

p.s., after no communication over the weekend I got the following text-message this morning: “doc found a lump”… crap…. looks like things are on a whole new level. shit.