Love by Jennifer C.

Someone’s Rockin’ Taco Birthday?

Greg asked why I was doin’ this. I said that I was doin’ this because she’s my friend and her birthday is tomorrow. Then I got a call 15 minutes before we were supposed to meet about ex-husbands failing to pick up their sons and all that and she was still in Corona. So I had a really big beer and smiled at the weirdness of everything. I don’t know, I was just glad to be doin’ something other than workin’ on school shit at home or being alone at Taco Beach. Not exactly high expectations here but that’s often the key to just enjoying the stupid things in life.

So.. Greg “told me” that I was going to go straight home after dinner and I did my “of course” laugh. But then admitted that having said that, I had doomed myself to a different fate. Fate. Ha! Screw fate. We had dinner, I showed her the 1st half of the yearbook and sang along with the dualing piano players. When one of them switched to electric guitar we were dancing in our seats. Ha, silly fate.

“Somehow” dancing became a bit more passionate, to the point where a couple sharing our table complimented us by asking us how we keep the passion going the whole night. I didn’t have heart to say that a 45-day separation “helps.” ack. Umm, so… Yeah, silly fate. I didn’t go home. Well, I did… the next day. Oops.

She asked me after breakfast what my family thought about all of this (the relationship rollercoaster), I said that I don’t say anything anymore. Ha. It’s me, they put up with me. That wasn’t an answer, but it was the truth. And in all honesty I don’t know if Friday night was a relationship swan song, or a momentary reconnection or just two silly irresponsible friends wanting something more than what they really have. All I know is that we seem to always do this. Now the question is whether we’ll do anything different (better) this time, or will we be slaves to our apparent fate. JBB

Music: Hey Mr. Jones from the album “Jane Child” by Jane Child