Lost in the Mix

I finally got around to straightening out my blog/web hosting situation. To recap: following my return from MacWorld I discovered that my main and ed-tech blogs were both offline. The blogs had been hosted for free through a pepperdine friend whom I’d also lost contact with. So I decided that I needed to control my own hosting and set things up with Godaddy for my main blog. I had also decided to use my dot-mac account to host my Ed-tech blog, JBB’s Desktop. So I spent the past week massaging iWeb to give me something approximating the kind of blog I had when I was using geeklog. In the process I learned a lot about iWeb (part of Apple’s iLife suite).

techsnake Alas, I also discovered that a number of journal entries, particularly from JBB’s Desktop, were lost because they only existed on the web site(s) that was lost. Part of the problem was that Geeklog didn’t lend itself to being edited with my editing app, Ecto. So I didn’t always have a “local” copy of my text. Also, since NECC last July, I’d been toying with the idea of going from Geeklog to Moodle so I wasn’t very good about backing up the entries I had posted on my Geeklog version of the journal. Damn. Backup, backup, backup! Damn.

I should be able to recreate most of what was lost because I usually started my blogs using the simple text-editor on my Treo 650. Of course the Treo recently developed it’s kind of memory loss when it decided to erase my whole calendar on the phone and all my contacts on the computer. Shit! Needless to say, I’m looking for workarounds before I risk another sync (my luck Mr. Treo will erase both my calendar & contacts on the phone & computer). Technology can be a real bitch! Good thing I don’t have a real life or I wouldn’t have the time to take care of all of this shit. Ack. Little wonder most don’t bother with things like blogs and websites. It’s a pain. JBB