Friday Night @ the Usual Spot & Looking Forward to MacExpo

Getting ready for dinner at my favorite Friday night spot, In-n-Out Burger. Hoping to connect with my Pepperdine friends for some meaningful adult beverages in celebration of said friends completing a giant step toward their doctorate degree, comps (comprehensive oral & written exams). In-n-Out looked packed so I left the laptop in the car. But as soon as I found a booth out came the geek devices (iPod video & Treo that I’m writing this entry with). What a silly way to spend a Friday evening. I’d rather be having beers w/ friends. Ugh. Hopefully later.

This past week I made the decision to go to the upcoming MacExpo in San Francisco. [man, I got here just in time, it’s standing room only…] I was lucky enough to go to a MacExpo the first year of our Magnet Grant in 2000 (I think) and have been wanting to get back ever since. The main sticking point was the cost of lodging. Even with a YML discount, it was a bit much for this not-rich teacher to fund. Were I sharing the room with someone I would have been less hesitant, but … Well, I seem to be woefully short of geek friends able to share in this pilgrim’s dream and the other possible travel companion has not been available to return my call this past week, much less venturing north with me. So, I scaled back the week-long trip I’d hoped for to a reasonable three-day/two-night dash through macmania. It won’t be as leasurely as I’d hoped, but I’m really looking forward to meeting some if the geeks I’d read about and listened to. Onward & upward. JBB