I Can’t Keep Up – Another Way to Put XP on a Mac!

I have to be a bit of a nut-case to even be spending any brain-cell activity on this one. On a recent Your Mac Life a program called CrossOver (by a company called CodeWeavers, was introduced that boasts of letting the user run Windows applications on a mac without having any trace of the actual Windows operating system anywhere to be seen. What does all of this mean? It’s a bit geeky but the thing is with either Apple’s Bootcamp or the program Parallels a copy of Windows is is started up (with Bootcamp on a separate partition when you start the computer up and with Parallels in a separate “memory” space). Then inside of Windows one can use whatever Windows app that’s needed. With CrossOver one launches the Windows app and CrossOver tricks the app into thinking it’s on a PC and Mac OS into thinking it’s running a Mac program. I don’t know, I’m sure that there are some performance hits and that it probably would choke on anything that tries to write directly to hardware (some high level games and video editing software comes to mind). But the makers say that they have taken a proven Open-Source technology and are putting the effort to get a lot of apps that run under Windows to run on the Mac without have to boot-up or start up a virtual copy of Windows. Friggin’ amazing! I can’t keep up! JBB