Video Essays on Ed-Tech: Labs vs. Classrooms (Video Resumes)

I created these video essays in 2005 when I was looking for another ed-tech job. Enjoy.
Uploaded to YouTube on July 19, 2006. “Labs Versus Classrooms” is a video essay about the most effective ways to implement technology on a school site.

The Four Video Resumes:

Two Bonus videos:

FACT-TV Behind the Scenes: An introductory look at the video journalism program that I created using 5th grade reporters/editors and 6th grade news-anchors and studio personal. We even had second graders reading the news. Uploaded Dec 27, 2006.

“Welcome 2 the Real World” was a music video inspired by the 80s Jane Child song. Students wrote a paragraph about what the word “Real World” mean to their parents and I recorded them reading their essays and added that to footage I’d shot in Downtown Long Beach. Uploaded to YouTube July 17, 2006.