It should go without saying but, well, I can be a bit moody sometimes. And one thing that has tended to add to my moodiness is the unfortunate combination of Friday nights and being alone. Duh. Add to that I tend to continually vent such feelings in my writing… ack. Well, I just want to say that there is another side to all of this bitching and moaning and most of the time all it takes is a conversation with the woman of my desires. And when that happens, life is good.

All it takes is a couple of minutes, connecting with her long enough, to see things from her side and I’m back to being the stupid smiling guy that I am with her. It is unfortunate that much of what my friends and family know of this relationship is not this wonderful state of bliss that I get from just touching base with my best friend and love. Love, especially for me, can be a complicated, difficult thing. But all I have to do is hear her wonderful laugh, even if we’re on the phone, hearing her laugh is like feeling her hand slip into mine. I love that about communicating with her. * smiles * jbb