Sleeping on the Couch

couchsleeping copy
Usually that means that “someone” screwed up. Well, the jury’s still out, but my most recent experience couch riding for a night was because I was slumming with my cadre X friends at Pepperdine’s Malibu campus. I got amazingly very little sleep considering that it’s only been probably less than a year since I’ve been sleeping on a bed with a real box mattress (prior to that I’d recycled the mattress from my long departed futon… loved that futon, but that’s another story…). A friend noted that the lack of sleep was probably also because it was like being at summer camp. True.


Actually, that’s especially true for me, in that I’m no longer an official part of Cadre X. I mean, while my former cadre-mates were ramping up for the work needed during this last Face-to-Face meeting, I was looking for a new Pepperdine sticker to put on my new macbookpro and price 1GB RAM chips to update the little beasty. Well, I had loads of fun hanging out with Holly, catching up on the latest …. er, stuff (we generally take turns as to who has the more “complicated” social life… it’s good to have a friend with an equally “interesting” life…. smiles), then doing dinner and post-meeting drinks with Ali, Abir, Ron, Holly, Tom & Sam. They were so silly after a day of travel and meeting that Ali starting singing the “Doe, Ray, Mi” song from sound of music and they started adding our names to the silly lyric. Ron came up with the best lines. Yikes. JBB