Always Time for New Tech

I have major projects from three classes waiting to be graded. I have five classes worth of work waiting to put on the school website. I have seven classes worth of grades needed to be bubbled into the scantron form. I have income tax to send off to my accountant. I have student loans to do paperwork on. I have applications for other districts and colleges that I need to fill in and send in. I have Fall term Pepperdine projects that I need to finish before the end of April. I have an invitation to a cousin’s wedding next month that I need to RSVP. I have a geeklog site meant to be used as my tech blog that I still need to populate and occupy. I have a lot of blog entries partially begun that have never been completed. Hell, I have loads and loads of e-Harmony material that I need to post in my blog. So in the middle of all of this what do I do? I spend four plus days getting my new macbook Pro up and running (though I’ve discovered that I should have done a clean install when I first began with this system because the computer transfer application copy Norton systemtools and now I can’t uninstall the damn thing. Ack). Oh, to the joys of new tech…. JBB