Late Christmas with a Little Angel

elenaxmas05I had a belated Christmas visit with my son and grand-daughter. When I got there at first little Elena had just fallen asleep for her afternoon nap. Damn. So we visited for a bit and did our gift exchange (I was the courier for my siblings getting gifts to Michael, Tina and baby Elena). Well, we could only hold out for so long and eventually wandered over to the baby’s room and… surprise… she was just waking up from her nap. Michael expertly did diaper-duty, then we started playing with the baby. She looked at him funny at first because he was wearing a cap and definitely didn’t know who I was. The trick was when I took her into the living room and parked her in front of a mirrored wall. She has the greatest smile and that alone made my whole holiday season. Thanks Elena. JBB

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