Holidays R Here


“Men plan,
children change the plans,
and God laughs”

The holidays are definitely here. Well, at least that’s what the commercials are telling me. All I know is that I had a great time visiting with my grandbaby, Elena, during a Thanksgiving visit and I’m looking forward to my next visit with her over the Christmas break. Beyond that I have two weeks to finish everything for the current Pepperdine term. Ack. I’m also trying to make time getting my lab set up and trying to find ways to make the tech work for me (instead of making me work for it!). Ack (again), I just noticed that I hadn’t made a single journal entry on my ed tech BLOG, JBB’s Desktop.mangerOh well, one more thing to work on… Check out my links and drop a comment. Oh yeah, and have a merry Christmas. JBB Dec. 2005