A Most Precious Gift

So I’ve been busier than I can barely handle with teaching and Pepperdine and the somewhat tattered strings I have attached to my “personal life.” I mean, nothing is anywhere near where I want it to be as far as my relationships and friendships and commitments. I’ve started at least three different journal entries since confessing to a somewhat unnatural fixation to the Bill Murray movie “Lost in Translation.” Well, all of that took a back seat (something hard to do and quite uncomfortable given that I drive a delSol….) Sunday evening, on October 2nd around 6pm (PST) when this beautiful little person came into this world and made her noisy debut.

Thank you and congratulations Michael & Tina, baby Elena is so beautiful and precious and it is such a joy to watch how carefully and lovingly you hold her when she needs to be held. May the connection you are building with her each time you look into her eyes and every time you hold her close to yourself, be strong and be something that you will be able to reflect upon and remember all the years from now and this one grows to be a beautiful woman. She is a beautiful gift and may all three of you and all who are close to you be renewed by this precious gift of life and love. jbb (gran’pa joe)