Blogs, Podcasts and Newsfeeds! Oh My!

pcteachWhen I first began to “teach” technology in ’98 it became important for me to keep my ear to the ground about what was happening in technology development. At the time I relied on a daily Internet radio from C/NET. As with many things on the Internet, eventually this show just went away, but not long after that I happened to run into ZD-TV (which later became Tech-TV). By the time I did my online Master’s degree with Pepperdine (circa 2001-2002) I was recording and watching three hours of tech shows every day (or I’d save the tapes of the weekends).

Then just as I was beginning my doctorate at Pepperdine (Summer 2004) Tech-TV was purchased by G4 and all the practical info was sucked out of the programming. Occasionally I’d flip to the hybrid Tech-TV/G4 to see what was happening but couldn’t stand to watch what had been a very informational resource pimp itself into a badly done version of the “E!” channel with some game stuff thrown in.

apple_podcastingFortunately not long after Tech-TV’s demise, my pepperdine pals introduced me to Podcasts and I’ve been addicted to this tech resource ever since. There’s rumblings that podcasting, being the latest technology fad, has reached it’s peak. Who knows. I just know that the convenience of getting daily or weekly tech updates delivered to my computer and iPod makes it possible for me to stay informed why driving to and from work and not having to be planted in front of my TV to benefit from this resource. Nothing related to technology or Internet distribution tends to have much longevity, but for now Podcasts are a valuable resource to me.

The list of podcasts I’m subscribed to continues to evolve. I’m curious how you get your tech information and which podcasts you may regularly listen to. Please share what podcasts you listen to…

Following is a list of podcasts I’m currently subscribed to (Note these links are the rss URLs):